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Insurance and Fire Protection

The devastating images of uncontrolled wild fires destroying homes and properties in the interior of British Columbia and California this summer are hard to watch. Not only does it evoke emotions of despair and helplessness, but also conjures feelings of anxiety regarding insurance coverage. If you’ve been affected by the wildfires, you may find yourself questioning whether or not you have the right insurance to cover your losses. Thankfully, if you have home or rental insurance in general, you most likely are properly covered.

For the most part, home insurance policies like this Mesa home insurance site, cover loss or damage caused by wildfires. As long as your policy is comprehensive, you will usually be covered by any damage from the fire – including smoke damage, water damage or damage from fire retardant that can be sprayed on your home and possessions.

However, there are some circumstances where your insurance may only cover basic damage to the structure and interior of your home, as well as your possessions. For example, there is a piece of insurance called building replacement coverage that not all homeowners include on their insurance.

This coverage gives you a replacement cost amount to rebuild your dwelling that protects you if the cost to rebuild a destroyed home exceeds your policy limits. If you are purchasing this additional policy, there are some conditions are involved, such as notifying your provider of any renovations or upgrades that you have done on your home, or any rebuilding of your property on the same site.

Additional Living Expenses Coverage

Another important piece of your coverage that you should know about is the amount of coverage you get for additional living expenses. For example, if you are displaced due to fire, this living expense insurance will cover extra costs that you may incur for temporary accommodations or necessities – for example, hotel bills, food and drink, toiletries, baby and pet supplies, etc. This also includes living expenses and accommodations that occur while your home is being repaired due to the fire damage.

In any event, it is important to contact your insurance provider in the case of damage to your home, or even as a preventative measure to understand your policy. If you have been affected by a wildfire, when safe to do so, take the following steps:

• Call your insurance representative/company.
• Evaluate and document the damage to your home and possessions, and take photos if possible.
• Make a list of all damaged or destroyed items.
• If possible, gather any receipts, photos, or warranties of your possessions.
• Keep all of the receipts for everything – cleanup costs, living expenses, outside expenses such as accommodation, etc. (in this case it is important to speak to your insurance representative regarding what you’re entitled to be reimbursed for and for how long).

Next steps

• Once you have reported any losses, you will be assigned an insurance adjuster. It may take time, given the number of claims that your adjuster may be processing.
• The claims adjuster will investigate your situation and examine the documents you provide. They will then explain the process for submitting the claim and how things will proceed. Be sure to ask questions here and take any notes that you feel are relevant.
• Your insurance company will get you to complete some paperwork, including a Proof of Loss form, which will list the property and items that have been destroyed or damaged in the fire. You will also document the corresponding value or cost of the damage or loss. You must sign off that the statements you make on this Proof of Loss form are true and correct.

Experiencing loss of your home or possessions due to fire can be a very stressful and traumatic time, so be sure to reach out to friends and family, Emergency Social Services Networks, and Fire support networks to get information and support.

Employee Surveys: What are the Benefits?

employee surveys
Conducting an employee survey is a useful way to gain insight into a variety of information in an organization. If executed correctly, employee surveys can be a window into understanding your employee’s needs, how to manage your staff and their productivity effectively, operational discussions, improvement areas, engagement levels and more.

Further to RIM Marktforschung, employee surveys can be conducted through a variety of methodologies, from online surveys to traditional paper surveys. No matter the method, they are an essential tool in any organization and should be utilized as such.

Here are some of the top reasons why you should conduct employee surveys in your organization, and how they can positively impact your business:

Employee Surveys – The Benefits

  • Measure your employee’s level of engagement: You can learn a lot about your employee’s desires and thoughts around career advancement, recognition, pay & benefits, job role, training & development opportunities, leadership, work environment, etc. in an engagement-centred survey. By asking questions around these areas, you can gain a lot of valuable insight on how to motivate your staff.
  • Allow for employee feedback: A survey is precisely this: a vehicle for feedback. Conducting a survey is perhaps one of the most effective ways to collect feedback around issues from your employees. It can simply be achieved through email or simple surveys, and can be anonymous or non.
  • Improves communication: Employee surveys are an excellent way to open up the lines of communication with your staff. Through surveys, staff can share all of their feedback about the company – whether it be good or bad feedback. It also makes employees feel that their voices are being heard. Communication is a key factor when it comes to job satisfaction and helping to improve issues.
  • Allows for discussion and follow-up: Surveys provide a company’s management team with an opportunity to create follow-up meetings and dialogue with teams. These follow-ups allow management to dig a little deeper into the survey findings and address any concerns. It also facilitates communication.
  • Understand key improvement areas: Once you have gathered the specifics from the employee surveys, you can use this information to identify core sectors that are important to employees, as well as any areas that are low on satisfaction. If you allow for comments and feedback in the survey, it can also give you a window into how to improve these less than satisfactory areas. You can then ensure that these issues become priority areas of action for your management and human resources teams.
  • Increase Employee Engagement: Once you’ve heard from your staff and assessed how engaged they are, you can then create an action plan to increase their engagement. The information you get from the assessment will allow you to identify strengths and opportunities for improving engagement in your organization. From there, you can look at a company-wide engagement plan or focus directly on specific action areas. After you’ve identified the areas that need improvement, you can set out goals and priorities for change.
  • Increase productivity: Giving your employees time to voice concerns, and acting quickly on these concerns, can have a significant effect on employee productivity. People become motivated when they feel that they have input into the grand scheme and that they are part of something bigger.
  • Save time and money: By engaging with employees through a survey, you can help to maintain their work satisfaction, and thus promote staff retention. Having a high turnover of unsatisfied employees can be costly for recruiting, training, time and experience.
  • Uncover hidden issues: If you anonymously conduct surveys, you can gain honest feedback about employees and their feelings. Again, satisfied employees that feel heard are less likely to leave the job and more likely to be more productive, which leads to a more positive work environment.

Physiotherapy Methods Explained

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Physiotherapy methods
Physiotherapists play a significant role in the recovery and rehabilitation of people afflicted by injury or illness. Through physiotherapy methods such as exercise, manual therapy, education, and advice, physiotherapists help to maintain the health for all ages of patients, while assisting in managing and preventing pain and diseases.

Before your physiotherapist begins treatment with you, they will perform an assessment on you to help them evaluate your injury or illness. During the evaluation, you should expect your physiotherapists to ask you detailed questions about how the injury came about, and any problems or symptoms that you are experiencing as a result.

Common Physiotherapy Methods Explained

Following the assessment, your physiotherapist will begin to devise a treatment plan, which will include a variety of physiotherapy methods. Here is some information on some of the most common physiotherapy methods:

Manual Therapy

This hands-on approach is best and most often used for almost all types of injuries. During manual therapy, physiotherapists usually employ conventional procedures such as massage, stretching and hands-on strengthening exercises to re-train the body into proper movement and mechanics.

Physiotherapists often develop their specific, tailored treatments around this physiotherapy method.


Ice is an effective treatment for injuries that involve swelling and inflammation. Ice constricts the blood vessels in the injured area and helps to reduce and sometimes prevent the inflammation that occurs as the result of an injury.

Cold therapy can also leave the joint more mobile and enhance manual therapy. Evidence shows that the application of ice to inflamed areas has been demonstrated to reduce significantly swelling in soft tissue injuries.

Further to a Physiotherapy Vancouver Specialist, ice is a complimentary treatment that partners with other forms of manual therapy.


Heat is most effective on injuries that involve tightness and muscles that are in spasm. By applying a heat pack, you can significantly reduce pain and restore mobility – particularly in soft tissue injuries (muscles, tendons, and ligaments).

Heat is a great assistant to your physiotherapist, as it makes your muscles more pliable and more responsive to treatment. When alternated with ice, heat is an essential part of the physiotherapy method.


If your physiotherapists are working on connective tissue injuries, therapeutic ultrasound can be useful. By using undetectable sound waves, the ultrasound machine generates heat deep in the body, which can loosen tissue in preparation for manual therapy.

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy uses a painless laser to stimulate your muscles so to increase healing. It has been found that the treatment can help reduce inflammation, muscle fatigue, and pain. It can also assist your physiotherapist to manipulate your affected joints more readily, which helps with rehabilitation.

Functional Electrical Stimulation

In ESTIM, a minor but steady electrical stimulus’ applied to a muscular group that usually is dormant. It contributes to restoring proper movement and function more readily that if you were relying on exercise alone.

Research shows ESTIM can speed recovery following particular types of surgeries, such as ACL or total knee replacement surgeries.


Traction is an effective procedure for disc herniation. Traction helps to separate vertebrae to allow more space for nerves and less compression on disc cartilage.

Some research shows that traction can be useful for reducing pain and enhancing the quality of life in patients with these types of hernia injuries. This can be an effective treatment option for those who can’t afford the long recovery involved with having back surgery.


Simply put, everyone should exercise regularly. It improves health and quality of life in all forms. In a physiotherapy sense, exercise involves specific physio-type activities prescribed to assist in healing your injury.

By participating in any type of regular exercise, those with even the most sedentary day-to-day can avoid common nagging aches and pains.

Addiction – causes, diagnosis, treatments

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Addiction could be for anything ranging from snack foods, TV episodes and shows, some benign behaviours etc. But, addiction in recent days has been used to refer to disease that is considered dangerous which needs diagnosis and treatment. This is because a true addictive behaviour is something which is worse than a bad behaviour and has the capacity of self-destructing oneself.

Some medical experts accept that the addiction disease is a mind disorder, while others claim it to be a physiological issue. Due to the connection that this disease frequently has with illegal substances and illicit activities like smoking and drugs, it is also seen as a criminal issue.

Addiction Types

Most specialists accept that the addiction disease is the state of a person’s compulsive dependence on or temptation towards a behaviour or a thing. They also agree that an intensive outpatient addiction treatment program is optimal. Stedman’s Medical Dictionary describes it as “routine mental or physiological reliance on a substance or practice that is outside intentional ability to control”.
You can be dependent on any number of things—from those that are characteristically unsafe to those that are generally safe. Basic addictions include:
• drugs
• liquor
• tobacco
• sex
• betting
• caffeine
• shopping
• exercise
• tanning

Whatever the type of addiction practises you might have, it is generally dangerous in nature and deteriorates with time. Somebody with this disease is not able to control how regularly or the amount he or she utilizes the drugs or performs the addictive conduct.

Addiction Symptoms or indications

The indications of this disease fluctuate in different persons. They will likewise rely on the substance or conduct. On the other hand, most addictions have qualities that may happen either abruptly or occasionally. These include:
• expanded utilization of or fixation on the substance
• change of way of life, social exercises, or companionships so as to oblige utilization or conduct
• loss of enthusiasm for side interests, objectives, or exercises that used to bring satisfaction
• pushing ceaselessly close relatives and companions who may have the capacity to distinguish an issue
• loss of work or other negative business related issues
• amazing changes in identity somebody who was once cordial and social may get to be withdrawn, or the other way around
• loss of control over recurrence or amount of utilization

Addiction Causes

Normally, addicts without willpower to get out of this disease are highly affected.
Science has demonstrated that that addict’s mind takes after specific examples that can bring about both a physiological and mental reliance. This is fact even after only one involvement with either drugs or behaviour. With the addiction disease, the parts of the cerebrum that control inspiration, inclination, praise, and focus are empowered to bring extreme joy.

Numerous specialists accept that certain individuals are inclined toward this disease due to their interesting mind science, while different specialists contend that habit can happen to anybody.

Most dependence specialists accept that it is typically brought about not simply by physiological reactions in the mind. As indicated by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), elements like heredity, environment and psychological wellness. Indeed, a few components are typically included, which can make habit a troublesome condition both to forestall and treat.
While not all addictions bring about the same negative results or ruinous practices, most take after an example of negative movement. In the first stage, the individual investigations with the medication or conduct. He or she might possibly have a decent affair, yet the mind records the action and the memory of utilization.
Next, the client discovers himself or herself coming back to the substance or conduct all the more regularly and discovering joy from utilizing. In this stage, the cerebrum is shaping an adapted positive reaction to the demonstration.
In the interminable phase of compulsion, the individual will keep on utilizing the substance or perform the conduct keeping in mind the end goal to accomplish the same positive reaction he or she initially experienced. He or she will do this regardless of negative results.

Addiction Treatments

Since this disease is a mental and physical illness, it is regularly regarded with conventional strategies, for example, drug treatment and directing. Inpatient or outpatient restoration projects are basic beginning stages for some addicts. Inpatient treatment is frequently useful for constant medication clients who need therapeutic help as they detox.

Numerous specialists likewise prescribe 12-stage recuperation projects, for example, Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Sex Addicts Anonymous, and others. These are care groups drove for addicts. There are additionally a few pharmaceuticals accessible to treat drug dependence. These are taken under a specialist’s direction, regularly for a long time. One sample is the utilization of methadone in heroin addicts.

Less conventional medical medications incorporate cerebrum incitement treatments like electroconvulsive treatment or vagus nerve incitement. These are for the most focused toward individuals with more than one issue, similar to medication dependence and misery.

For best results, specialists typically prescribe a blend of way of life and conduct changes irrespective of therapeutic based treatments. Additionally, someone who is addicted must be willing to change his or her conduct, quit utilizing drugs or connecting with a part of the addictive conduct, and look for help before the procedure of recuperation can even start.

The HCG Diet 101

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weight loss Edmonton
Deep adherence to heavy consumerism lifestyles has made the society more obese than ever. The USA is a large testament to that. And so, it has made weight loss a big part of the change that everyone must undergo, otherwise our population will die faster and younger. Losing weight and becoming healthy is easily attainable nowadays even with as little help possible. The mentality of people is just distorted because unhealthy processed food is more rampant, and sadly more affordable.

Unfortunately, to add to that complication is our society’s current obsession with sedentary lifestyles. We eat and spend more time interacting with computers today more than ever. All because technology now rules the universe. If you know anyone, or if you yourself needs the big change to take effect in your life, there is good alternative in the HCG diet.

The advantages are astounding and with regular HCG hormone injections, weight loss results is at everyone’s doorstep, in record time.

According to the latest research, this diet is so instant, you don’t even need to do aggressive exercises anymore, just light ones to support a healthy and consistently active lifestyle. Many people who spend between 40-60 hours of extensive exercise regimen each week find that by the end of every week, they have enervated their energy deposits that they don’t have time left for other activities at all. If you don’t want to fall under this bracket, HCG is the perfection alternative.

HCG is characterized by daily HCG injections that aids in fat release and burning. It is based on a 500 calorie diet and since it aids in the release of fat deposits, light exercise is still needed to properly help your body burn all those deposits.

If you doubt the results, we’re here to further establish its claims. HCG diet is enhanced to produce quick results for those wanting to lose pounds. It is created to see results in as fast as 15 days or half a month. In this time period, HCG (once taken daily), may lead to shredding of 10 to 20 pounds. With the same calculations in mind, a 90 day HCG diet then can kick off up to 90 pounds. If you’re shopping for other alternatives in the market today, HCG’s results will never be toppled off.

As the 500 calorie intake diet makes it restrictive, keeping the approved list of foods you can eat and sticking to it religiously can facilitate the weight loss effectively. Sugars or starches are a definite no-no and the focus should only be lean proteins, and vegetables plus other healthy foods to balance their diet.

We all know that losing weight automatically gives your body a chance at a lengthier and meaningful life away from the many complications such as Diabetes or even lung failures and cardiac arrests.

Making the Most of Weight Loss Surgery

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Obesity is categorized as a serious sickness – so yes, it benefits being handled with the same commitment and speed as cardiovascular illness, melanoma, diabetic issues… after all it is a forerunner to every one of our murderers.

According to experts, overweight individuals are still at a 24% greater risk of early loss of life. Fact is large volume surgery treatment is the #1 maintainable form of fat reduction from being overweight. In other terms, large volume surgery treatment has the biggest treat rate for being overweight.

If want to obtain assurance and accomplish a more lean figure out, weight loss surgery treatment may be what you want. While aesthetic techniques are not for everyone, they often generate amazing outcomes for those who are looking to reduce undesirable inches wide. Modern physicians offer a wide range of innovative choices that are more secure and more effective than ever before. However, while these techniques can help you accomplish a more perfect figure out, you will need to sustain cook to make the outcomes last.

Without diet, plans and physical work out, those who go through weight loss surgery often see themselves coming back to their past weight. If you are serious about getting rid of excess weight, you will have to do your part by keeping cook. In fact, it is a wise decision to consider an aesthetic function if you are eating right and remaining fit. These techniques are not a fast fix to losing undesirable weight, and should only be regarded to cure being overweight problems that sufferers are having difficulties to take care of with conventional weight loss.

When there is simply nothing else, you can do to remove persistent fat, check out intervention treatment medical center in your place. A physician can talk about your problems and help you figure out a direction continuing to move ahead. Some people are looking to deal with a particular problem place that will not react to any amount of work out. Others have several places of issue and need a more extensive remedy.

No matter what your reasons may be, you should have a genuine concept about what the outcomes will be before going through with a process. Look at before and after images of sufferers who have had a function to see exactly what kind of outcomes you can anticipate. Weight loss surgery treatment cannot cause to a complete modification, but it can certainly help you achieve your objectives. If you have been being affected by being overweight for a while, search for advice from with your physician to learn more about a particular process and likely outcomes.

If you are disappointed with your figure out, it is a chance to search for out alternatives. No one process is right for everyone, and you will want to take an exclusive strategy to help you accomplish your objectives. While weight loss surgery treatment is not actually a lasting remedy, it can allow you to discover the new you and help get on a direction to remaining in form. Everyone wants to feel great about them inside and out, and these functions can help you do just that.

Laser Hair Removal Best Practices

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This might not be a delicate matter, but unwanted or excess body hair can cause real worry for both women and men especially in warmer weather conditions. For the individuals who like to show off their skin with enthusiasm, laser hair removal can be a convenient and safe way to feel and look beautiful.

Laser hair removal offers a long-lasting, comfortable and fast alternative to waxing, plucking and shaving excess hair because these processes can be very painful and are effective only on small areas for a short timeframe.

This treatment is painless and does not require anesthesia. It approximately takes thirty minutes to perform depending upon your desired area.  At the same time, there is no need to rest and you can return to normal day to day activities immediately. Hence, laser hair removal is considered one of the most universal cosmetic processes for removing hairs on the bikini line, underarms, and legs for women, and the shoulders, back and chest for men.

Hair-removing lasers target the dark pigment or melanin in each hair, and after that travel down to the shaft of the hairs to spoil the follicle at the hair base. On completion of this process, the hair either becomes less noticeable, finer or falls out after some time. With the help of pigment-seeking technology, lasers can easily target hairs without harming the skin around it. At the same time, many lasers also utilize special cooling technology in order to protect the skin from damage or discomfort and this makes laser hair removal a very comfortable and safe treatment for sensitive areas.

Well, the laser hair removal will only work when the hair follicles arrive at a certain phase in their growth cycle and this takes several sessions to entirely remove the excess or unwanted hair. Most of the people can go back to their normal daily life immediately after completing the treatment, though the results of laser hair removal are permanent or long-lasting.

While planning to undergo laser hair removal, the patient must limit electrolysis, waxing and plucking for at least six weeks before the date of treatment. The main reason behind this is that the laser will also target those hair roots, which are for the moment removed by plucking or waxing.

The patient should also avoid sun exposure for at least six weeks before and after the laser treatment because sun exposure leads to complications and makes the laser hair removal process less effective.

It is sure that Laser removes the excess or unwanted hairs reliably and quickly, but it’s vital to know that the results will surely vary from individual to individual. As the laser targets the dark pigment, this kind of treatment might not be effective on very light, white and grey hairs.

Before starting the laser hair removal procedure, you must make sure that you are able to manage the time between sessions without excessive sun exposure or tanning because this might confuse the laser process to target both hair as well as the skin.

To get the most out of your aesthetics procedure, always ensure that your service provider follows laser hair removal best practices.

HR Software to the Rescue

If you’ve ever tried to organize payroll, scheduling or both for a large company with multiple shifts, union and non union employees and different locations, then you know what a nightmare it can be. Let’s look at a few scenarios here.

First, one of your staff members calls in and says that they are sick and you need to replace them for location C. You go into your excel spreadsheet….yes, that is painful…and you try to pull together a list of five staff members you can call. So, you go through this exercise. But when you call Mary, she tells you that she’s not a full union member yet, so she’s not actually able to work in location C yet. Then you call Bob, and he tells you that he’s actually working tonight…he’s covering a shift for Max over in location B. You call Alex and she tells you that she would love to but she just got off of her shift and union rules say that she has to have a minimum of 12 hours before her next shift starts. Finally, you are super happy when you call Sheila and not only is she able to work in location C, but she seems very excited to take the shift. So, you schedule her and you think life is great.


Unfortunately, Sheila had already reached into her overtime pay and this shift would now be paid at double the rate. And now you know why Sheila was so thrilled to take this shift. Unfortunately, your direct supervisor is going to be furious with you because you have totally messed up her budget. And the union is calling wondering why some members are getting double overtime shifts while others are not even getting any overtime shifts at all.

This is a nightmare scenario and one of many that HR staff find themselves in when they don’t have a fully integrated hr software solution. With a proper employee management software, a supervisor would be able to pull up relevant staff to fill a position, they would already be aware of who was eligible to work at a specific location, who was eligible to take the shift so that none of the rules were broken and all budget concerns were being met.

A great hr software system will usually be web enabled and allow for real time updates. So, if staff are covering positions, anyone in HR will know that right away. And if rules are being broken or overtime is being incurred, it will not come as a surprise. In other words, a good system will include hr, payroll and scheduling.

With complex organizations or even just large organizations with multiple locations or multiple kinds of shifts, hr and scheduling can be cumbersome, inefficient and end up costing an organization in time and resources.

The Best Freight Services Take Planning

Freight transport is the physical process of transporting commodities and merchandise goods. Shipping by land can be by train or by truck. In air and sea shipments, naturally, ground transport is required to take the cargo from its place of origin to the airport or seaport and then to its destination because it is not always possible to establish a production facility near ports due to limited coastlines of countries.

There are two very common means of land-based freight services transport. One solution is to use long haul or short haul trucking firms to transport the goods or commodities. Of course, this involves securing some kind of an agreement with a trucking company to pick up, transport, and deliver the goods to a specific location. The other solution involves the use of railways to move goods. Freight cars or containers are loaded with the goods, then moved through a network or railways until arriving at their destination.


Traditional manners of shipping like postal delivery and courier services may not be enough anymore especially in the business sector. Modern companies require more options when moving products, goods, and services and all of them would likely require efficient and cost effective techniques of shipping.

Freight forwarders arrange the best means of transport, taking into account the type of goods and the customers’ delivery requirements. They use the services of shipping lines, airlines and road and rail freight operators. In some cases, the freight forwarding company itself provides the service.

Some of the tasks required include investigating and planning the most appropriate route for a shipment, taking account of the perishable or hazardous nature of the goods, cost, transit time and security. Another important thing is offering consolidation services by air, sea and road, ensuring cost-effective and secure solutions to small shippers who have insufficient cargo to require their own dedicated units.

It’s also important to maintain communication and control through all phases of the journey, including the production of management reports and statistical and unit cost analysis. It’s also important to maintain current knowledge of relevant legislation, political situations and other factors that could affect the movement of freight.

Finally, it’s necessary to seek out efficiency savings through consolidation to support sustainability. Reliable capacity for your priority freight is critical. And make sure you have a wide variety of equipment options — from trailers to temperature controlled trucks — to match your specific needs. Of course, freighter services companies vary in size and type. There are those operating on a national and international basis. And then there are more regionalized or specialised firms.

Getting Condo Insurance Right

condo-insuranceOf course, everyone is well aware that our home is one of our most valued possessions. For most people, it ends up being the single largest investment in their lifetime.

There are a lot of things to consider when we purchase a home or a condo and often this list of “to do’s” becomes so overwhelming that we can lose sight of ways and means of saving a little extra (and yes, that means income) for ourselves.

One of the absolute necessities of home ownership is the purchase of home or Ontario condo insurance. Naturally, most lenders require this in order to secure a Canadian mortgage. And despite the fact that this is a requirement, and something that is protecting our investment, more often than not, we spend very little time evaluating insurance, or understanding the implications of the policy we secure.

Eventually, we also end up being a little in the dark about the kinds of savings we can find through our home insurance coverage. In other words, the real challenge ends up being a lack of critical understanding and being able to compare apples to apples.

Take condo insurance as an example. Most condo units are maintained by or operated by a strata. Of course, these strata entities are required to have their own condo insurance for the entire condo property. This has become a very expensive undertaking and strata’s are always under pressure to keep strata fees relatively stable or tolerable. So, how do they accomplish this in an environment where insurance rates continue to escalate?

They do what we do when we want to save on our home insurance. They simply increase their deductibles. This may seem like it’s not a big deal until you get into the details. Some of these strata’s are increasing their deductibles to 20 and 30 thousand dollars. Now, most of us don’t have this kind of money just sitting around for an emergency. In fact, most condo owners are under the assumption that their strata insurance will protect them and their unit in case of a catastrophic disaster.

What they fail to recognize, is that yes, they have some coverage for their condo insurance…but no where near the extent that they believed they did. In other words, they are learning…sometimes in the worst of possible times, that it is them that are in fact on the hook for the first 30 thousand dollars to repair their unit.

Had they been made aware of this detail, they could have easily purchased their own home insurance policy for pennies on the dollar. This policy would have covered the deductible. In other words, they would only need to secure an amount of coverage on their own home policy…in this example, for 30 thousand dollars…and then their strata policy would have kicked in for any amount over this coverage.

Sadly, we hear about these nightmare scenarios routinely on local news casts and in news features in local papers. I know it’s up to individuals to inform themselves, especially about their own finances…but it would make some sense for strata’s to be legally required to inform condo owners that their deductible is “A” and that it is recommended that they purchase their own home insurance coverage to cover their deductible. Not a big thing to ask for but we’re just saying….