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How to Become a Real Estate Agent

on April 18, 2014 in business

Many different players ranging from the property managers, publishers, banks, constructors and government agencies, not forgetting the sellers, buyers and renters contribute significantly towards the residential real estate industry. But the agents and brokers are the most significant people in this industry through their constant movement and communication; they are the real movers and shakers of this industry.

Becoming a successful and even the best New Westminster Realtor requires that one has to dedicate much of his or her time undertaking education, finding a broker who will assist you in getting your first clients as well as passing the provincial licensing exams.


The procedure of becoming a professional real estate agent with a license varies in different states and from country to country. The most common procedures include; attaining a certain number of hours of pre-licensing education, and experience to show that you are fully licensed. For qualification purposes, you must be at least eighteen or nineteen years of age and must have a Certificate of Registration form the office Fair Trading abbreviated as OFT. After dedicating some time and the money that you will require in order to become a licensed professional real estate agent, you need also to consider the following steps as you make your decisions:

Consider getting your education
Education is very important for everyone, and you will be required to do some pre-licensing courses. Those with degrees often have higher chances as well as many opportunities which can make them advance so fast. In addition, a good knowledge of business and business related subjects such as marketing, law and economics will also boost you as you will be familiar with what to expect during your career development. Different states, countries or even some real estate agencies may have certain education requirements in place before qualifying to be a real estate agent. Therefore it is advisable to inquire from your state’s real estate commission to know what requirements are needed for one to get a license. In some cases, you will need to take additional courses.

Getting a brokerage
Real estate brokerage is an agency or an office from which a real estate agent and brokers operate from. Working with brokers will strengthen your ability as a real estate agent since they have more than three years of additional real estate training, they are able to guide you in the field activities and also in listing and selling homes. Good relation between a real estate agent and a broker should be of high repute.

Obtain a license
You must pass both the state and national exams in order to get a license. A criminal background check might also be required of you. In addition, you must also be able to meet the required exam and license fees which also varies from province to province.

Coming up with a real estate agent budget

Most start up fees are estimated to be between $1,500 to 2000. This fee will cater for licensing courses, business cards, advertisements and signs as well as other associated fees.

Making the real estate agent decision (realtor)
First, you have to join the National Association of Realtors for you to use the word ‘realtor’ by selecting an affiliated brokerage and also attending meetings organized by your local chapter.

Building your referral portfolio
Use your personal network and with the help of a mentor to build your portfolio. Your mentor can be the person who you have chosen from the real estate agency who will always direct you to buyers or sellers contacts and share commissions.

Tourism Whistler and the Best Ways to Get Around

on April 18, 2014 in travel

whistler-skiTourism Whistler is situated in Whistler Village at the Whistler Conference Centre and it has been legally referred to as the Whistler Resort Association which is a non-profit organization dealing with marketing and sales and it represents the entire Whistler. Other places like the Whistler Conference Centre, the Whistler Golf Club, and the Whistler Visitor Center, not forgetting the Coast Mountain Reservations- which is the official source of information pertaining to accommodation and activity bookings are all controlled by Tourism Whistler.

A total of 7,000 members owning, managing and operating businesses and properties on resort lands such as hotels, shops, restaurants, as well as activity operators are among the people who Whistler Tourism represents. The purpose of Tourism Whistler is to market and sell Whistler in a global scale as the all season mountain resort of choice. Its mission is also in line to its purpose and it aims at inspiring the whole world to experience Whistler every time.

In its official website for Whistler, it contains many up-to-date information about Whistler resorts, vocational planning, events and additional special offers for potential tourists. Accommodation options varies from hotels, condo lodges, condo or townhouse to homes. This gives you a very wide option which will also suite your financial status. More information about Whistler history, Whistler Village, Whistler Creekside, Whistler Maps, the shuttle to Whistler, the Nature and Environment of Whistler, the Olympics and Paralympics as well as its awards and recognition is well documented in its website.

Tourism Whistler offers different Packages and deals, some of them depend on the time of the season, i.e. winter packages and summer package, other depend on the type of activities one will engage in, summarized in Whistler Activity Combos.

Some are on Room Only special, Last Minute Deals, Special offers as well as Gift Certificates. Activities and events provided by the Tourism Whistler include summer and winter activities, skiing or snowboarding, indoor activities, art and culture, Olympic experience, health and wellness, dining, shopping and Nightlife. Tourism Whistler is also a good site for finding out about the modes of transportation to use in Whistler. It include both the charging rates for different modes like, by air, road or rail. Other information about the weather, wallpapers, photo and video galleries, contests, blogs, social media and itineraries, you can navigate to the blogs/ Photos/ Video link on the Tourism Whistler website.

Employee Performance

In assessing the employee’s performance, a performance management program was used at Tourism Whistler. The goal of this program was to streamline each employee performance with the organization’s objectives in the process of boosting their employees too. The program covered the following steps at Tourism Whistler which were interconnected with the performance of the employees:

• Outlining expectations and targets
• Provision of coaching and feedback
• Assessment and evaluation
• Development and improvement
• Determining gaps and doing corrections
• Offering rewards and recognition of contributions

This approach, provides a two-way communication, discussion and reward as well, especially for what was more important. It also motivated both the employees and the leaders. With all these steps implemented and adhered to, at the end of the year the Tourism Whistler was able to look at both the things which were done as and how they were done. This enabled it to ensure streamlining with their values. In general, it is trying to achieve its vision of being recognized worldwide as the best, sustainable mountain resort destination for all seasons.

HR Software to the Rescue

on April 9, 2014 in business

If you’ve ever tried to organize payroll, scheduling or both for a large company with multiple shifts, union and non union employees and different locations, then you know what a nightmare it can be. Let’s look at a few scenarios here.

First, one of your staff members calls in and says that they are sick and you need to replace them for location C. You go into your excel spreadsheet….yes, that is painful…and you try to pull together a list of five staff members you can call. So, you go through this exercise. But when you call Mary, she tells you that she’s not a full union member yet, so she’s not actually able to work in location C yet. Then you call Bob, and he tells you that he’s actually working tonight…he’s covering a shift for Max over in location B. You call Alex and she tells you that she would love to but she just got off of her shift and union rules say that she has to have a minimum of 12 hours before her next shift starts. Finally, you are super happy when you call Sheila and not only is she able to work in location C, but she seems very excited to take the shift. So, you schedule her and you think life is great.


Unfortunately, Sheila had already reached into her overtime pay and this shift would now be paid at double the rate. And now you know why Sheila was so thrilled to take this shift. Unfortunately, your direct supervisor is going to be furious with you because you have totally messed up her budget. And the union is calling wondering why some members are getting double overtime shifts while others are not even getting any overtime shifts at all.

This is a nightmare scenario and one of many that HR staff find themselves in when they don’t have a fully integrated hr software solution. With a proper employee management software, a supervisor would be able to pull up relevant staff to fill a position, they would already be aware of who was eligible to work at a specific location, who was eligible to take the shift so that none of the rules were broken and all budget concerns were being met.

A great hr software system will usually be web enabled and allow for real time updates. So, if staff are covering positions, anyone in HR will know that right away. And if rules are being broken or overtime is being incurred, it will not come as a surprise. In other words, a good system will include hr, payroll and scheduling.

With complex organizations or even just large organizations with multiple locations or multiple kinds of shifts, hr and scheduling can be cumbersome, inefficient and end up costing an organization in time and resources.

The Best Freight Services Take Planning

on April 8, 2014 in transportation

Freight transport is the physical process of transporting commodities and merchandise goods. Shipping by land can be by train or by truck. In air and sea shipments, naturally, ground transport is required to take the cargo from its place of origin to the airport or seaport and then to its destination because it is not always possible to establish a production facility near ports due to limited coastlines of countries.

There are two very common means of land-based freight services transport. One solution is to use long haul or short haul trucking firms to transport the goods or commodities. Of course, this involves securing some kind of an agreement with a trucking company to pick up, transport, and deliver the goods to a specific location. The other solution involves the use of railways to move goods. Freight cars or containers are loaded with the goods, then moved through a network or railways until arriving at their destination.


Traditional manners of shipping like postal delivery and courier services may not be enough anymore especially in the business sector. Modern companies require more options when moving products, goods, and services and all of them would likely require efficient and cost effective techniques of shipping.

Freight forwarders arrange the best means of transport, taking into account the type of goods and the customers’ delivery requirements. They use the services of shipping lines, airlines and road and rail freight operators. In some cases, the freight forwarding company itself provides the service.

Some of the tasks required include investigating and planning the most appropriate route for a shipment, taking account of the perishable or hazardous nature of the goods, cost, transit time and security. Another important thing is offering consolidation services by air, sea and road, ensuring cost-effective and secure solutions to small shippers who have insufficient cargo to require their own dedicated units.

It’s also important to maintain communication and control through all phases of the journey, including the production of management reports and statistical and unit cost analysis. It’s also important to maintain current knowledge of relevant legislation, political situations and other factors that could affect the movement of freight.

Finally, it’s necessary to seek out efficiency savings through consolidation to support sustainability. Reliable capacity for your priority freight is critical. And make sure you have a wide variety of equipment options — from trailers to temperature controlled trucks — to match your specific needs. Of course, freighter services companies vary in size and type. There are those operating on a national and international basis. And then there are more regionalized or specialised firms.

Getting Condo Insurance Right

on April 7, 2014 in home insurance

condo-insuranceOf course, everyone is well aware that our home is one of our most valued possessions. For most people, it ends up being the single largest investment in their lifetime.

There are a lot of things to consider when we purchase a home or a condo and often this list of “to do’s” becomes so overwhelming that we can lose sight of ways and means of saving a little extra (and yes, that means income) for ourselves.

One of the absolute necessities of home ownership is the purchase of home or Ontario condo insurance. Naturally, most lenders require this in order to secure a Canadian mortgage. And despite the fact that this is a requirement, and something that is protecting our investment, more often than not, we spend very little time evaluating insurance, or understanding the implications of the policy we secure.

Eventually, we also end up being a little in the dark about the kinds of savings we can find through our home insurance coverage. In other words, the real challenge ends up being a lack of critical understanding and being able to compare apples to apples.

Take condo insurance as an example. Most condo units are maintained by or operated by a strata. Of course, these strata entities are required to have their own condo insurance for the entire condo property. This has become a very expensive undertaking and strata’s are always under pressure to keep strata fees relatively stable or tolerable. So, how do they accomplish this in an environment where insurance rates continue to escalate?

They do what we do when we want to save on our home insurance. They simply increase their deductibles. This may seem like it’s not a big deal until you get into the details. Some of these strata’s are increasing their deductibles to 20 and 30 thousand dollars. Now, most of us don’t have this kind of money just sitting around for an emergency. In fact, most condo owners are under the assumption that their strata insurance will protect them and their unit in case of a catastrophic disaster.

What they fail to recognize, is that yes, they have some coverage for their condo insurance…but no where near the extent that they believed they did. In other words, they are learning…sometimes in the worst of possible times, that it is them that are in fact on the hook for the first 30 thousand dollars to repair their unit.

Had they been made aware of this detail, they could have easily purchased their own home insurance policy for pennies on the dollar. This policy would have covered the deductible. In other words, they would only need to secure an amount of coverage on their own home policy…in this example, for 30 thousand dollars…and then their strata policy would have kicked in for any amount over this coverage.

Sadly, we hear about these nightmare scenarios routinely on local news casts and in news features in local papers. I know it’s up to individuals to inform themselves, especially about their own finances…but it would make some sense for strata’s to be legally required to inform condo owners that their deductible is “A” and that it is recommended that they purchase their own home insurance coverage to cover their deductible. Not a big thing to ask for but we’re just saying….